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05/06/09 09:27 PM #50    

Rick Nitz

After putting on my bi-focals, I noticed we don't have any advertisements on this website for Geratol and Viagra and . . . oh, I forget.

05/07/09 10:11 AM #51    

Merlin Stuckwisch

I haven't heard from Dan Taylor since graduation. I would like to see the old CLS gang. Did you know Mr Zietz is still teaching at CLS?

05/10/09 02:46 AM #52    

Diane Kruger (Jenkins)

Just wanted to wish all you Mommy's


05/10/09 08:06 AM #53    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

Hey Rick!! My son Aaron goes to Christ Lutheran, so I see Mr. Zietz frequently. Did you know he still has the same green leisure suit??LOL I weould love to see all of us from CLS!! Cathy Wolff contacted me about setting up a reunion for those of us from CLS. I think that would be wonderful!!

05/10/09 08:08 AM #54    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

Happy Mothers Day to you to Diane! What in G**s name are you doing awake at 2 something in the morning?? How about lunch on Friday?

05/10/09 12:16 PM #55    

Diane Kruger (Jenkins)

Hey Candy

I was winding down from the stock car races TeJay had a great race. I just happen to have Friday off give me a call Friday morning 439-2562 sounds great.


05/10/09 09:07 PM #56    

Ken Beed

Do the public school boys that chased the Christ Lutheran girls get to come to this reunion? ;-)

05/11/09 11:28 AM #57    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

Of course you do! How else did we grow up??LOL

05/11/09 11:58 AM #58    

Ken Beed

Candy, Do you remember the party you had at your place I think in the 7th grade ? I think it was your birthday. It was so much fun!

05/11/09 12:26 PM #59    

Rick Nitz

Hi Candy. I see Mr Zeitz a lot too. I don't think he ages very fast. Still looks the same. He probably still has the same car too. Him and Mr Voelker were great teachers.

05/12/09 08:06 AM #60    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

I do remember that party, didn't it rain? Or was it the one where we were all out in the cornfield across the dirt road? They were fun!!
Your right Rick, he doesn't look like he's aged at all!
Mr Voelker called my husband about 5 or 6 years ago for new gutters, i answered the phone and when he told me the name I about fell over!! He was in West Point or Wisner at the time and said he and his wife were moving back to Texas. He about fell over when I told him who he was talking to!

05/19/09 12:04 PM #61    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

Hey Merlin!!
Did you see that Dallas AND Russ have filled out their profiles??!!! lol

05/19/09 12:13 PM #62    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

Let's play name that artist...
All these songs are hits from 1979, can you name the artist or group that sang them...

1. Rappers Delight

2. The Logical Song

3. Sad Eyes

4. Comfortably Numb

5. Good Times

No fair cheating by googeling!!

05/20/09 06:09 AM #63    

Jeff Mitchell

Sad eyes....The boss????? alright Benny, Ill get back to you on that one!!!!!!!!! Candy, top songs of 1979? Not at broken bridge....we should play name that bonfire tune...shoot, thats the only thing most of us remember!(or dont)Joan Jett, Free, ACDC, ram,Lynard,etc

05/20/09 06:09 AM #64    

Jeff Mitchell

By the way benny, no rap at our house either!!!!!!!!

05/20/09 06:45 AM #65    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

My son gets embarrassed when I am singing Skynard at the top of my lungs!! Hey Mitch, How the heck are ya, bud??
Benny, You are correct on Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd.
I'm not sure I can remember the others, but Billboard top 40 says these were all hits!
I'll let us ponder these for a while and post the answers before I leave work today.

05/20/09 11:00 AM #66    

Merlin Stuckwisch

Um, let me see if I can get the syntax correct.
Nice job classmate hunting! I am in awe! and sometimes in ahh!
We had music in 1979?

05/20/09 11:51 AM #67    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

Actually, Dallas found Russ and I think Diane Krueger found Dallas!! lol:)

05/20/09 01:05 PM #68    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

Here you go guys,

Good Times- Chic

Sad Eyes- Robert John (Sappy,sappy,yuk,yuk!)

The Logical Song- Supertramp

Rappers Delight-Sugar Hill Gang

To hear all these "solid gold" hits go to and click on the year 1979.
See ya

05/20/09 06:33 PM #69    

Dallas Hixson

What, no Play that Funky Music White Boy? I thought for sure that had to be a hit from the 70's. My kids love it when I do Dance Dance Revolution to that song. I think I sing it better than I dance to it. Did it so much I wore out the Back Arrow on the mat.... The only one of the list I knew was the Logical Song, love that song. I'm with Jeff: AC/DC, Ram Jam, and Ted Nugent really rocked at all the parties. Might throw in Judas Priest too. Man, those were the days (nights??)

05/21/09 09:38 PM #70    

Kathleen Wolff (Reding)

Okay, how come I have not run into Rick Nitz or Cany Tessum in norfolk???? We all live here are around here!!! I would love to see you guys!!!

05/21/09 09:39 PM #71    

Kathleen Wolff (Reding)

Hey Dallas how are you!!! It has been along time, since like 8th grade, I think!!

05/21/09 09:42 PM #72    

Kathleen Wolff (Reding)

Mr Volker was in West Point but now has retired!!! Lucky guy and I believe he is moving to Texas!!!

06/02/09 09:31 AM #73    

Candice Tessum (Sader)

O.K., here are some trivia questions for those of you that can remember back that far!!

#1 This movie won Best Actress, and prompted the winner to proclaim "You like me, you really really like me!"

#2 Super Bowl XIII was between whom and who won?
Do you remember the two quarterbacks?

#3 This TV show starred Loni Anderson and in one episode they tried to get turkeys to fly!

No fair cheating!!!

06/02/09 03:12 PM #74    

Diane Kruger (Jenkins)

Hey Candy

Was #3 KRP Cincinate (spelling)

Was #1 Sally Field (Norma Rae) or Bet Midler (The Rose)

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