30 Year Reunion Thoughts/Suggestions
Posted Friday, May 22, 2009 10:36 AM

From reading some classmate profiles, I think a party in the parking lot would be a rockin' good time!

I would also find certain other places likely to bring back happy memories: Broken Bridge, Baja, that-one-farm-where-there-was-always-a-kegger-and-one-night-I-made-out-with-three-girls-but-don't-tell-anyone-cuz-the-other-two-don't-know, Fred's Fireside Lounge, and the country club pool (but only at midnight).

I also suggest a visit to the Villa Inn memorial and museum, followed by a trip out to Coach Kuck's infamous flood control levee (performing pennance is optional this time).

I still have scrapbooks and yearbooks and some photos from the day. It would be fun to share some photos and maybe resign a few yearbooks.

Can someone please, please bring an 8-track player and Styxx Grand Illusion?