Stephanie Hays (English & Spanish teacher 76-77) Reinert

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Stephanie Hays (English & Spanish teacher 76-77)
Residing In: Crawfordsville, IN USA
Occupation: teacher
Children: Three!
Leigh is 29, born in 1979 and lives in Nashville, TN
Lindsay is 27 born in 1982 and lives More…in Des Moines, IA
Peter is 24, born 1984 and lives in Vincennes, IN
Yes! Attending Reunion

I lived in Norfolk for a number of years, but we moved to Crawfordsville, Indiana, in '88 with Nucor. I started teaching again when Peter started kindergarden. I have been teaching for 30 years total! I'm recently divorced. It's been an adventure starting over again but I travel quite a bit to many Latin American countries..and just recently returned from Colombia. I also am an adjunct for a local college, Wabash, where I teach foreign language methodology. I currently teach at the high school level...only Spanish now, no English. I look forward to retiring in a couple of years and have been wondering what to do..perhaps teach abroad.
I'm fairly active in the community...I especially enjoy participating with our local community always I like being on stage, but I am also on the theatre board.

School Story:

School...It certainly has been a long time since I've been at Norfolk... I don't think I knew much when I was young. I was just trying to get by... The kids were great though. I never considered myself a decent teacher until about 10 years ago.
I remember when my 10th grade English class at Norfolk read Rime of the Ancient Mariner...and after the unit they bought me a silver bird-like necklace to represent the albatross around my neck....which, of course, they weren't. I remember laughing hard in that class when the kids would do upside down eye glasses with their just struck me as very humorous.

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typical teacher attire
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Traveling in Colombia