Grade School Pics

This page has photographs of various grade school classes.  If you have some scanned pics you'd like to post, send an email to (along with the list of names if you can remember everyone).

The first is Miss Reddings 5th and 6th grade class at Northern Hills.  I believe this was 1971-1972.  Submitted by Jonathan McIntosh.

 As best I can recollect, the name are (apologies to those I can't recall or whose names I screwed up)

Front row:  Bill Heelan, Mark Shaffer, Rich Baker, Terry McShannon, Bill Tyler

Second row:  Sally Schroeter, Lori?, Linda Taylor, Sherry McShannon, Deb Custer?, Jean Carney, Patty Mather, Eileen Reed

Third row:  Chuck Sintek, Jonathan McIntosh, Scott Crosby, Carrie Jensen, Bart Edwards, Terry Kurtenbach, Alan Dietrich

Last row:  Todd Sohl, Jim Hatfield, ?, Georgia Shannefield, Celeste Stevens? (pulled that one of thin air), Dave Barth?, Tom Kirshner, Miss Redding

The following picture was submitted by Mike Mapes.  I'm guessing he is the top right corner?  Who are the rest of these cute kids?





Mrs Earl's Second grade class at Grant.  Submitted by Jonathan McIntosh


First row:  Billy Hamm, Linnea Danner, Steve Sampson, Jill Putters, ?, Gred Staudenmeier, Marilee Miliken, Monte Middleton

Second row:  Pat Godfrey, ?, ?, Randy Ellwood, Brad Finkhouse, ?, Collette Grossman, Scott Lowrey

Third row:  Corky Boettger, Jonathan McIntosh, Jeff Raasch, Roger Linde, ?, Mike Ames, Karen Brenneman, Chuck Bernhardt, Mrs Earl




This picture of the St Paul's Luthern 5th/6th grade class was submitted by Sue Kaspar-Beckman:


St. Pauls Lutheran School - Grades 5 & 6. Teacher Mr. Jim Marshall  (1972 or 73)
Front row: David Bretschneider, Steve Hintz (classmate), Dan Pufhal, Kevin Kopietz (classmate), Brian Johnson, Cleton Bretschneider (classmate), Fred Dederman (classmate).
2nd row: Gay Wagner, Susan Honeman, Carroll Oestreich, Ruth Ellenburger, Robin Haase, Janie Herley (classmate), Carl Harley, Vicki Lau (classmate)
3rd row: Rocky Brenden, Julie Tinius (classmate), Mark Kaspar, Becky Wagner, Connie Bohn, Pam Bohn, Keith Johnson, Teresa Putnam
Back row: Mike Tinius (classmate), Jeff Schwede, Barry Reeves, Sue Kaspar, Glynette May (classmate), Barbara Pettit (classmate), Brenda Ohlman, Kelly O'Gorman)




 Mrs Burge's Kindergarten Class at Grant Elementary School, submitted by Scott Nelsen

Grant Elementary School, submitted by Scott Nelsen



Front Row left to right: Randy Elwood, Steve Sampson, Terry Skogland, Billy Hamm, Eileen Reed, Cindy Mink, Jonathan Svoboda, Marilee Milliken.
Middle Row: (Lenea Danner?), Collette Grossman, John Butterfield, Jill Putters, Scott Lowry, Brad Finkhouse, Scott Nelsen, Donnie Halsted
Back Row:  Mrs. Burge, Jonathan McIntosh, Karen Brenneman, Kevin Boettger(?), Brad Hilgert, ?,?



Next, contributed by Amy Cox:  Northern Hills Class Mrs Marten's 5th/6th Grade Class


Bottom L-R:  Jon Dietfloft, Richard Baker, Blake Edwards, Alan Dietrich, Steve Landers

2nd Row L-R:  Lisa Rowlett, Roxanne Koeler, Julie Umsted, Lisa Kellogg, Denise Taegge, Theresa Fullerton, Julie Almond

3rd Row: L-R:  Lisa Lewis, Amy Cox, Jean Carny, Debbi Furgenson, Jodi Martin, Tammy Hackbarth, Marcie Crosby

Top Row L-R:  Mrs. Marten, Mike Robertson, Carrie Jensen, Bob Crain, David McIntosh, Terry Kurtenbach, Sally Schroeder, Patty Mather