Mary Sue Garden Rentfro

Profile Updated: July 4, 2009
Residing In: Bennet, NE
Spouse/Partner: Randy my most awesome husband!
Occupation: Cherry Hill Homes, Inc. our homebuilding company
Children: Scott and Brandi (Bowers) Lanman
Jenni Lanman
Richie Lanman and Ashle Johnson
Mike and More…Nikki Archer
Katye Faimon (Rentfro)
Randy and Amanda (Gay) Rentfro II
Kailee Sue Lanman (Scott) 5
Jake Faimon (Katye) 4
Ava Renee Lanman (Richie) 2 in June
Military Service: US Army *Military Intelligence* 1979-1986

I chuckled at the home pages mention of I will start there. I think my wrinkles show that I have lived, laughed loved, lost found and evolved..thank goodness for each and everyone of those precious craters on my face!! AGGGGGGGGH!!!!!! I wake up and look at me and think did my mom get in my reflection! And thank god for BOTOX< RESTALINE>PLASTICS>ETC>. :"). I really enjoy being 47...but has it really been 30 years?
8000 characters isn't enough to sum up my last 30. Lets see after I put my waffle stompers away, folded up my bell bottoms and became worldly, my story kinda goes like this:
I have been married. divorced. 3 kids then divorced..ummm...the 80's...husbands? :) Never mind how long that story goes!
I joined the US Army before it was cool for women to join the US Army...somewhere between Vietnam and Desert Storm...seriously, it was fun. I was cleared for a top secret clearance, and placed in Army Intelligence. Clearly a play on words...most of the intel should have been at Burger King!
I find it funny that I was always in such a hurry to get grown and out of Norfolk, and when I run into people from "home" it is really so cool that even though we had a large class, we all knew eachother in some way or another.
I have been fortunate to have found my true love a decade ago, my husband Randy. My best friend. We have a wonderful chaotic hectic busy life..with 13 kids total and the grandbabies...our home is a constant flow of activity. We own Cherry Hill Homes, Inc. and have built a successful homebuilding business in Lincoln.
I am a devout animal lover. I have my 3 dogs at home, and moved the office here to be home with them.
I became very active in the reform of treatment of women after incarceration. I also authored a program for juvenile girls ages 11-18 who are first time offenders. If they complete my program, their charges are waived. My program is used nationally now.
I received the 2009 Professional Woman of the Year in the Construction Trade. The city of Lincoln honored me with the prestigeous "Phoenix Award" for overcoming obstacles in reform. I can be happiest today, with the love of my spouse and children. My folks are alive and well and still living in my childhood home in Norfolk. We have some ups and some downs, and like everything else from health issues and stress..yet life is still so darn much fun!!
I'm not too old to rock out in the front row at the BuckCherry concert on Valentines Day this year but old enough to finagle talking to the band and getting my kid a t-shirt!
I still cry when I hear Bob Segars' "Beautiful Loser" Cheap Tricks' "The Flame".
I won't twitter, or tweet..I do text...slowly! pics of me "today" on this page till the hubs helps with the upload..gave my Ipod thingie to our kid to take with him to Iraq after I spent 5 hours uploading music to take it out and had ...nothing. I am computer daft..not quite illiterate..I do know quickbooks 08!
I love to drive fast with my windows open and music turned up!
I hate to free enough to be myself without the guilt so I don't pretend that I do excersise! I have a gym in my basement...yuck.
I am thrilled the "maxi-dress" is back after a 30 year absence instead of the "mid-drift" making a mid did drift and the legs are grateful for a maxi dress!! just kiddin...
C-U at the Re-union...

School Story:

The front parking lot...all hours! With my minor in ingesting as many new and wonderful mind expanding chemicals the late 70s' had to offer.My orange volkswagon...doing backwards donuts. The sign my Dad glued to the dash that said "NO SMOKING" Cruising main, Sanders' Parties, taking my tent and staying all weekend...Goosics' Z in by the bridge after one of Sanders' parties upside down...I think Kelly Chamberlin was driving!
Dodging Miss Peterson in the bathroom...
Meeting "Vern" at the front door after study hall.
Koorahs' van and his keggers in the parking lot.
Kozas' Market
Miller ponies and Everclear-dancing to "Smoke Ring in the forum...identically dressed like Cec.
Phineas and Freddie Freak!
Monte Python and the Stones', a band no one ever heard of called "Cheap Trick" and "Foreigner".
Stockcar Races, Basketball games-the Pep Rallies and Pep Cards...
Mr. Keith Boughn..history. My nickname was Chewybacha. We lost him midyear. Taking his car to Phillips 66 to get gas and a C for the semester...if I showed up once or twice a week!
Sweep Left, The Villa, The 5th Street,Office, Mels, The Oasis and"Larrys'" Main Street..Double K onion rings and Tastee Special #1 or #2 for $1.25. 50cents an hour to babysit. 80 cent quarts and 75 cent Old Gold ciggerettes. THE RED BULL and the famous Halloween Costume Parties there.The drinking age turned from 19 to 21 with our class...Carberry missed it by a few days..
Gettin "mipped" by Terry Rogers on the way to Mrsnys..driving to Wayne on Wednesdays to The Hobbit Shop.... snuff.
Senior year, Adult Living and Pottery...
The mighty mighty Panthers...Beating Norfolk Catholic in football...and getting to vote for the first time and totally freaking my parents out when I declared at 16 that I would vote as a democrat.
School was surreal and fun..I have so many more memoried...Broken Bridge. Riding my horse to Hadar to Tammys' farm.
It should be a lot of fun this summer..I hope I can remember faces and names-I am not very good at either of those these days..queen of post it notes!

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:34 PM
May 2, 2009- Prior to my son Scott's wedding to Brandi Bowers. In this picture
Me, my grandaughter Kailee and my future daughter in law Ashley Johnson
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:34 PM
Sorry cant turn this- I am computer daft. :0
L to R
Colleen Lanman, my kids' stepmom, our grandaughters- Ava 23 months and Kailee, almost 6.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:34 PM
Our son, Scott Lanman and Brandi(Bowers)Lanman
May 2, 2009
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:34 PM
Ok-the groomsmen, ushers, etc. Front row is our son Scott, the groom, his brother Rich, my youngest, their dad, Jimmy Lanman. Back row the really tall guy all the way to the left is my hubby, Randy.
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:34 PM
Middle-our grandaughter Ava
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:34 PM
Mr and Mrs Scott Lanman and Pastor Lee
May2, 2009
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:34 PM
Geez, look what happens when the ex and the hubs get together...
L to R
Jimmy Lanman and Randy Rentfro
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:34 PM
Psych!!! Randy was just fixin Jimmys' tie...